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08 декабря 2018, 20:12

Files by Google now supports USB OTG storage exploring

Huawei Mate 20

  • The latest update to Files by Google brings USB OTG storage support.
  • USB OTG support allows you to hook a USB drive to your phone and then use the app to navigate through the files.
  • Not many people will use this, but it shows that Files by Google is an app the company is taking seriously.

The latest update to Files by Google is rolling out now, and with it comes some new functionality. Files by Google version 1.0.224103129 now supports USB OTG storage.

Although USB OTG storage support isn’t something many people will likely use very often, it’s still a solid new feature.

USB on-the-go (OTG) storage gives you the ability to hook a USB stick (or drive) to your smartphone. Once you do, you can then use Files by Google to navigate through the file tree on that external drive.

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Speaking of file trees, the latest Files by Google update also now shows full folder structures when you’re navigating. This is a very helpful feature as it gives you a clearer look at what exactly is on your device and where exactly it is located.

These two updates are further proof that Google is taking Files by Google pretty seriously. The app started as a way for users in the Android Go ecosystem to transfer files wirelessly without using data. Now, with its name change, it appears Google is trying to make it a fully-fledged app for all sorts of purposes.

Click the button below to download Files by Google, and click here to see what other files explorer apps are available for Android.

Install Files by Google

Source: https://www.androidauthority.com/files-by-google-usb-otg-932819/